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This is the place to be for the dreamy creative entrepreneurs looking to boost productivity, get organized , and unleash their creativity.

I'm Fadwa, and I'm the crazy creative introvert that runs on coffee & good music!

As someone who struggled so much to find that “one thing” that almost every expert on planet internet is preaching, I decided to just do what I love, and that “what I love” doesn’t have to be just one thing!

Limiting someone’s creativity is not a way to success (at least not in my book!) so if you’re here looking for just one thing, sorry! (not sorry) I’m not a one thing person.

I am the person who creates little happy things

That helps you get Organized, Inspired, Productive.

Instead of creating everything under one brand as all the “experts” told me to do (where’s the fun in that? Please!) , I decided to create mini-brands and each brand serves a part of the overall mission of being your productivity and creativity side kick so you can always feel you have your-ish together, feel more energized, and do your magic!

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So, here is an at a glance look at my mini brands what each can help you with today:

Amazon Shop:
Printed Planners, Notebooks & Journals.

Etsy Shop:
Canva Templates, Elementor Templates, Printables & Stickers.

Redbubble Shop:
Office, Home & Stationary Physical Products.

Video, WordPress customization & Branding services.

And if you're looking for a little boost for your business today

you can join the party and get a free pass to my (resource library) where you’ll find some of my best work that you can get your hands on for FREE!

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